Authentic Japanese cookery courses, Sushi & Sashimi classes and party catering services

Gourmet Course

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Max: 6 people

What is included: 

  • Four sit down 4 course dinners in an authentic Japanese setting
  • A gourmet cooking "Chefs Table" experience using top quality ingredients in a range of dishes
  • A very relaxed atmosphere with quality wine and sake
  • All ingredient lists, recipes and suppliers printed and filed

You will learn:

Class 1

  • Buta Kakuni - Slow cooked pork belly in sweet ginger sauce
  • Chirashi Zushi, Salmon special - Ikura salmon caviar, salmon sashimi and grilled salmon flakes
  • Soft shell crab tempura with onion ponzu dipping sauce
  • Mizore Jiru – A cloudy Japanese soup

Class 2

  • Beef and vegetable rolls with thick teriyaki sauce
  • Sea bream rice with ginger
  • Seared tuna with sesame ponzu sauce
  • Thick clear soup with Ganmodoki Tofu 

Class 3

  • Miso marinated black cod 
  • Kamo Hoba Yaki - Grilled duck with plum & shiitake miso sauce
  • Wild mushroom rice with soy and ginger 
  • Spicy White Miso soup with a prawn and chicken quenelle

Class 4

  • Beef Tataki - Seared fillet of beef with creamy sesame sauce
  • Tofu steak with Japanese mushrooms in soy butter sauce
  • Grilled scallops on Sushi rice with creamy, spicy sauce
  • Cha Soba (Green Tea) noodles and squid with spicy Yakumi broth

Upcoming Course Dates: £300

  • Tuesday - 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th September - Fully Booked

  • Thursday - 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th November